Fall Routines

From "You've Got Mail":

I love fall, in fact it might just be my very favorite season. I love the crisp air, the crunchy leaves, the shorter days. I love snuggling up in some slippers and a blanket, a cup of tea or hot chocolate in hand, and a good book to escape in. Or a Netflix series to binge. I love that as the weather cools I feel like I can start baking again. And soups! I miss having soups in the summer, when it’s too hot to contemplate adding any more heat anywhere. Of course, it helps that my birthday happens to be in the fall, which just gives me another reason to love this season.

I especially love the sense of new beginning in the air, reminiscent of school days. I used to always get excited about shopping for new school supplies. All those blank notebooks, folders, pens, pencils, highlighters, and later in college the undiscovered textbooks used to fill me with a sense of happy anticipation. As an adult, the feeling isn’t quite the same, but I think its still there. It might be more an excitement for the changing of the seasons, and with it an anticipation of new routines, than anything else. But the feeling still exists.

Today was Porter’s first day back at preschool. We loved the program and the teachers last year, and are thrilled to be going back again this year. Wyatt and I will sure miss him on the mornings he is gone, but  I’m very much looking forward to the routine that preschool will put us in. Its going to be so good for Porter to get him out of the house and be in a great program with other kids a few days a week, good for Wyatt to have some alone time with me, and great for our whole week to have something so regular to ground us.

Here’s to the routines of the fall!

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