Life lately, or: an introduction to the cast, Part 1 

I thought it would be fun to introduce the members of our little family and talk about what we’ve been into lately, starting with my handsome hubby John.

John and I celebrated our 7th anniversary a few weeks ago. I love the story of how we met and started dating, maybe I’ll share it on another day, it’s sweet and reminds me of how fun and exciting the beginning of our relationship was.

So let me tell you a little about John. His dad is an accountant and he is an engineer, and both his upbringing and his profession contribute to his outlook and personality in a big way. He’s frugal and money-conscious, loves a good spread sheet, is logical, thorough, and methodical, and takes his Scouts motto to “be prepared” seriously, in ways that would never occur to me. I love all these things about him, and often tease him about how “nerdy” they make him!

John is passionate about his hobbies. He snowboards, rock climbs, and golfs. In the winter he gets out into the mountains as often as possible to snowboard or split board in the back country. He rock climbs indoor year round, and will do a few trips to the mointains with some guys during the summer. He loves getting out into the mountains for any reason; as John Muir said, “The mountains are calling and I must go.” He definitely feels the pull of that call.

But as much as he likes doing these things himself, he loves being able to share the things he loves with his kids.

Nothing makes John happier than being a dad. He was ready to be a dad long before Porter was even born, and he’s been an great one. I appreciate how hands on he is, and how he places such high priority on spending time with his boys. I’ve loved watching him grow into his role as a father, it’s been one of the best things about being married and having kids.

Stay tuned for part two, where I talk about and share pictures of those two cute little boys!

3 thoughts on “Life lately, or: an introduction to the cast, Part 1 

  1. Thanks Asha for writing this blog. Your thoughts and comments are truly wonderful to read. You are a beautiful wife and mother to our son and grandsons and we love and appreciate you as one of our family.


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