Wyatt turns two!

Wyatt’s actual birthday was two weeks ago, but we celebrated this past weekend at my parents house. What a lucky boy to have a birthday celebration that spanned over a week! It amazes me how old he’s been looking lately. He’s starting to look more and more like a little boy, and less like a baby. I’m not sure how I feel about this.

We have a birthday tradition in our house where we make special waffles for breakfast that day. I’ll throw in some sprinkles or chocolate chips, and then we’ll top them with lots of butter and powdered sugar. Its basically a dessert, but its been a hit in the past. This morning… Wyatt wasn’t too fond of it. He took about three bites and then was done. That’s a toddler’s appetite for ya!

Unfortunately, Wyatt was actually sick on his birthday (probably why he didn’t want any of those delicious waffles). He had hand foot and mouth, something I had no experience with. He broke out in this awful rash that began on his mouth and spread to his hands and feet, causing an eczema flare up as well. You can see it in the pictures above. We’ve dealt with eczema since Wyatt was about 6 weeks old, but this was on a whole new level, I felt so bad for him I wanted to cry. It got so bad and infected his pediatrician put us on antibiotics. Poor guy. Because he was sick we actually couldn’t go anywhere and be around other people, especially other kids. But I did take him outside for bubbles, which is one of his favorite things ever. To be honest I think that’s all he would have asked for anyways. We sat outside and enjoyed the cool air and warm sunshine, played with bubbles, hunted for ladybugs, and Porter rescued imaginary animals from a trap.

The next night we went to The Three Amigos, one of our favorite restaurants,  for dinner. (To be honest I was just sick of being cooped up, Porter had been sick before Wyatt so we were going on 5 days of not leaving the house and I was beginning to go crazy!) My favorite thing about it is the mariachi guy they bring in on weekends, he strolls through the tables singing along in Spanish to his guitar, he really makes the atmosphere of the place. John asked him to sing Feliz Cumpleanos to Wyatt before we left. Wyatt wasn’t too sure what to make of it, but it sure was special. Porter kept turning to me, waving his hands, and saying “Look how fast my fans are! Can you feel the air?”

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We spent last weekend at my parents house and had a little celebration for Wyatt there. My mom had the house decorated with balloons and streamers and banners and a handmade poster that she had everyone sign. {Note to self: get that poster from mom!} It was fun to be down, Wyatt got completely spoiled, and just couldn’t get over the streamers and decorations. She even made him some cupcakes that she used to have as a kid. Wyatt wasn’t too sure what to think when we brought them out with candles and sang, he just looked confused. Porter even got spoiled- my mom had a little surprise for him to unwrap too!


Happy birthday, chubalub! Stay sweet!

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