We moved!

Since my last post nearly a month ago (woops) we moved! It seems like it all happened a bit quickly, but its been something we’ve been thinking about and talking about for several months now. When we found something we liked in the right area for the right price we jumped on it, and were able to get the keys and move in a whole month earlier than we had originally planned. Which is GREAT.

And then John and I decided on Wednesday two weeks ago while he was home that we should just push hard and move in that weekend. So we sent the kids down to my parents and packed hard for 2 days, moved in on Saturday, and spent the rest of Saturday and Sunday morning unpacking like crazy before picking up our kids. To bring them home to the new house. 

To say its been a crazy whirlwind the last few weeks is a bit of an understatement. At the moment about half of our stuff is unpacked, and the rest is still in boxes. John has been working hard this week to get our condo ready for sale, so we won’t really have a break until its listed.

But I love love love our new house. I am so excited about the little luxuries (that are actually big luxuries) like having a yard, a garage, and an extra bedroom. Porter is so excited that we have two living rooms, and Wyatt is most excited to watch the garage door open and close every time we go anywhere. I love having space to stretch out in. I am so excited to settle in, finish unpacking, and decorate. I’m mostly excited that I have a place that I can make my own- that I can decorate and display things that make me happy and that I love.  

I hope to blog about things as we go, to bring you along with me on my journey to make this place Home. 

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