Puttering and Polyvore

I’m very good at procrastinating, and I’m even better at justifying why my puttering around is more important than x,y, or z. I can spend an entire day doing busywork tasks without actually accomplishing anything.

Lately, my puttering has been all about our new house. I’ve been reading the above decorating books looking for inspiration and ideas for our home. They are great, and I highly recommend checking them out if you’re interested in this sort of thing. ‘Design Mom’ is both aspirational and practical, while ‘The Nesting Place’ is chock full of making-the-most-of-your-current-situation type advice. I’ve also been browsing Pinterest like its a religion.

But perhaps the thing that has been the biggest time sucker is Polyvore. Are you familiar with Polyvore? Its a website that allows you to collect and make collages using pictures from all over the internet, with direct links to the shops and stores where the items can be found. Most people probably use it for fashion, but I’ve been using it for decorating. I can add pieces of art and furniture I like from all over the web and then lay it out in Polyvore to get an idea of what everything will look like together. We gained a lot of space with this move, in particular we have a separate family room and living room. This is one of many combinations that almost became our new living room. And geez, looking at it now I’m almost second guessing what I decided to go with.

Living room

And this is a rough idea of what I ended up decided I wanted to do in our living room. I love the bright colors of the rug and the English-country look of the couch. But mostly its that rug, I’m obsessed with the pattern and color combinations. Its so bright and cheerful.

Living room

This is the set that I’m currently taking inspiration for: the shared boys room. Currently they are in separate rooms, but eventually they’ll move back together again and be in Porter’s current room. I’d like to do a Peter Pan room, so I’ve been collecting a few ideas. boys room

I’ve had so much fun puttering around on Polyvore lately. What do you do when you’re procrastinating?

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