Funny things my kid says

Kids do say the darndest things! Welcome to the second installment in this series. You can read the previous one here.


“I’m gonna go read my scriptures!” -pretends to be holding a book in his hands- “A madn dies. And Jesus put him in a bed. And then… Jesus died for 20 days and 20 nights and then he was alive again! The end.” -closes the book-  I think he got a few different stories mixed up here!

Talking about the “bigger earth” that were going to live on because “our earth caught on fire and everything burned. All the houses and even the hut. And the buildings fell down and the sidewalks broke.

“Yikes. That’s scary. Why did that happen?”

“Because they stepped on the crack.”

“My feelings are saying thanks.”

“I love you Mommy. Even when you don’t listen to me.”

Geez. I wonder where he gets that from?!

“Black ants are my friends. They love me so much they tickle me.”

“These roses smell so pretty.”

“They do, don’t they.”

“Hm… they smell like marshmellows and feathers, toothpaste and garlic!”

“Mom, I’m so cold I feel like there are ants on me because I’m ticklish.”

“I want to get married to my mom! She’s my special girl.”

-heart explodes-

“You know what Brigitte would like? She’d like ice cream flavored juice!”

We had to put down our cat last summer, and every now and then Porter will bring her up out of the blue. It always catches me off guard. Recently this is what he said: “When we go to heaven Molly will be so happy to see us!”

“I would like Luciana to marry me because she’s my friend!” Stops and looks at me. “And then my next marry will be my mommy because she’s my special girl!”

Did you hear that? I’m his special girl! Alright future girlfriends, take note, I’m his special girl!

Talking about the cowlick on his forehead: “Look at the swirl in my hair. How do we get rid of it?”

“Well, we can’t really get rid of it. You’ll always have that swirl.”

“Oh good. That swirl is what makes me Porter!”

Thanks for that reminder that our imperfections are what make us who we are.


Hope these brightened your day a little! I sure love listening to the goofy things he comes up with.

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