My “diaper” bag, organized

John jokes that I feel like I need a new bag about once a year. Or at least, I always thought it was a joke. But about a month ago, almost exactly one year from my last new purse, I felt the itch.

I’ve been carrying around a diaper bag for over 4 years, and I’m a little sick of them. I knew I wanted a simple tote-style leather purse that could double both as a diaper bag and a large purse, with handles long enough to sling over my shoulder. I found one I really liked at Winners while shopping for new home goods, talked myself out of it, and walked away without it. But after a week of not being able to stop thinking about it (no joke- I was actually having dreams about this purse) I decided to take the plunge and went back and got it. Lucky for me it was still there.

I’ve always wanted a Fossil bag and I really like this one. Its perfect for what I use it for. Not too big, not too small, super versatile, and simple. Actually, I love it.


Here is everything that I keep inside. I found the white mesh zipper bags at Dollarama, and they are sort of my secret to organization. They are amazing. What I love most about my pouch system is that I can remove and add only what I need. I also have room to throw in my water bottle should I want it (the kids carry their own). I should also note that my phone always comes with me as well, even though it isn’t pictured.

FullSizeRender (6)

And here is a closer view of what inside of each of my little pouches:

*Not pictured below, but equally important, is my snot pouch. It is the smallest pouch and carries a travel size thing of kleenex and some Boogie Wipes.

Diaper Pouch


Pretty self-explanatory. I carry around 2-3 diapers at all times, wipes, hand sanitizer, Sudocrem, Glaxalbase lotion for Wyatt’s dry and eczema prone skin, a little Diaper Genie thing for tossing stinky diapers filled with doggie bags instead of the branded ones because they are sooo much cheaper. I love my pouch system because John can take this one out and throw it in the car or his backpack when he takes the boys out without me.

Child Entertainment Pouch


I don’t always take all these with me because we don’t always need them, but I keep the pouch packed and books and snacks on hand for when we do. I like to throw in a few cheap paperback picture books for on-the-go, some Bumkins reusable snack bags (I love these and use them all the time) filled with cracker or apples, and another little pouch filled with additional toys: a puzzle for Wyatt, a spaceship for Porter, and two dollar store coloring books.

Mommy pouch


I found this cute little pouch at Chapters, and its the perfect size for all my essentials: concealer and tinted lip balm, hand lotion, a glasses cloth, nail file, lip balm, and gum. I like that I can take this out and transfer my essentials to a smaller bag for the rare occasion John and I go out for a date. (Ha. Rare indeed.)

And that’s it! What are the essential things you take with you when you leave the house? Do you carry a diaper bag or a purse?

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