A little bit about our Easter weekend 

We spent Easter this year in southern Alberta with Johns family. We packed in a rush, so it was a little stressful to get us all out the door this time. And rushing-out-the-door stress brings out the mean mommy in me. Lesson learned: pack in advance! 

The kids mostly watched movies and looked at books during the drive, leaving John and I some quiet time to finish an audiobook (me) and start the new book I got for us to read aloud to each other. 

The highlight of the trip for our kids was probably getting to spend time with their Nelson cousins. When you ask Porter who his friends are he’ll list the names of his cousins. I hope they continue to be friends throughout their lives. 

The Nelsons have a marble run, and it is one of Wyatt’s most favourite things. He spent almost the whole afternoon we were there playing with those marbles. 

The Easter egg hunt was also a hit. John and I filled some eggs with some candies and a few goodies from the dollar store before hiding them. Wyatt still talks about it: “I white Eater eggs.” 

I loved putting together the baskets for the boys. They each got some watercolours, an Elephant and Piggie book, and a mask. And yes, I also did Easter baskets for John and I! Can you tell my love language is gifts? 
How was your Easter? 

2 thoughts on “A little bit about our Easter weekend 

  1. I was gardening a few days ago and came across an Easter Egg that the children did not discover. It was hidden under a rhubarb leaf and was filled with jelly beans! The ants were having a hard time trying to get to all that sugar.


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