Porter turns 5! 

On Thursday we celebrated Porter’s 5th birthday. We woke up to have our traditional birthday waffles (waffles with chocolate chips or sprinkles in them) and opened presents right away. We were so lucky that Porter’s birthday coincided with John’s days off, it was extra special to have daddy at home with us on a weekday.


By far his most loved gift was his new set of Lego. He choose this one for himself with the money Grandma and Grandpa Livingstone gave him- thanks you guys!

He and daddy got right to work setting it up as soon as Porter got dressed! Unfortunately, it barely survived the day before it was taken apart and the pieces used to build a new spaceship.

We took Porter and a few of his friends to Treehouse indoor playground for his birthday. They all had so much fun running around and climbing and playing. When I asked Porter what his favorite part of Treehouse was he said it was the time he spent a few minutes in the Lego room building a spaceship. One track mind much?

After a few hours of  playing and a break for pizza, we all came back to our house for ice cream cake and presents with his friends. Porter is so lucky he has so many sweet friends with thoughtful parents!


Happy birthday, my sweet little Porter-boy!

One thought on “Porter turns 5! 

  1. Thanks so much for sharing Porter’s special day and happy that he found a gift that he wanted. Glad that he had a wonderful and exciting birthday and party. Love and hugs from Grandma and Grandpa L.

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