Wyatt turns 3!

Wyatt had a birthday a few weeks ago and turned 3. First of all, I can’t believe my baby is now 3, how can he continue being my baby if he grows up?! Three years old (or threes years old, as Wyatt says) isn’t a baby anymore, by three you’re solidly in the preschool years. I’m not too sure how I feel about this!

John was away for work the day of his actual birthday, so we did a little family party a week later when we could all be together. I still wanted to do something fun and special for him on his actual birthday though. One of our birthday traditions is to have special waffles for breakfast. They’re super easy but such a treat, the kids love them, and I think it helps them feel extra special knowing this breakfast is just for them. (Special waffles are either chocolate chip waffles or rainbow sprinkle waffles with heaps of butter and powered sugar on top, so basically a dessert!)

We headed out to one of our favorite indoor playgrounds at the John Janzen Nature Center, where we spent the morning playing. We went outside and explored their pond outside, and even walked through their rooftop garden. It was the perfect morning for Wyatt.



Looking at all the “little baby plants,” as Porter calls them. “Oh so tute,” says Wyatt.

After lunch we went and picked out cupcakes. We saved them for a treat after quiet time, and then opened a few of his presents. During his quite time that afternoon Porter collected a few of Wyatt’s favorite books and wrapped them up in one of his blankets to give as a present. I was so proud of his kind and thoughtful gesture.

Look at how adoringly he’s staring at his cupcake. And that cowlick! 😂

When John was home we did a small family birthday party for him at my parents house. We were lucky to be able to have my brother Peter and his wife Angela there, as well a friend and her little boy. Wyatt loved the birthday banner my mom hung for him. Every time we walked past it he’d point it out and say, “Dat for from my birt-day porty,” in his sweet little voice.

My favorite moment came when we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him as my mom brought out the cupcakes. His face broke out into the sweetest and happiest grin I ever did see, and he let out the purest little giggle, almost like he was afraid to be so happy. He clasped his hands under his chin and grinned around at everyone singing to him, his eyes bright. My eyes teared up a little in that small moment as I felt an overwhelming wash of love for that little boy and a deep sense of gratitude for the people surrounding us. How lucky he is to be so loved.

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