October Reads

I think I’ve just got to admit it. I’m in a reading slump. I’m still slowly making my way through September’s book club pick (I know), and I really miss my Audible subscription. I read 1 book last month and listened to 1 audiobook.  :-S

Image result for reading people anne bogelReading People by Anne Boegel (audio)

A light overview of several different personality type systems, from one of my favorite bloggers and podcasts. Some of systems she goes over include the love languages, MBTI, and the enneagram. I had heard of and was a little familiar with most of these, and I enjoyed the learning more about the ones I wasn’t familiar with. I like the way she approaches each personality type- using real- life experiences to relate the different personalities, making it very readable.

Image result for young jane youngYoung Jane Young by Gabrielle Zevin

Aka the only book I read last month. And I read it in two days- so what does that say about what I was doing the other 29 days? I liked this one a lot though. It follows a woman trying to escape a past mistake that the media blew up- she had an affair with a congressman (or some other politician) and the news people just had a party with it, tearing her reputation apart.


In September I joined Anne Boegel’s online bookclub, in the hopes of making my reading life a little more interesting. September’s pick was Wallace Stegner’s Crossing to Safety, which is the book I’ve been stuck on for the past 6 weeks. I actually really love the book, so I’m not sure why I just don’t seem to be reading it that much. Maybe its a right book/wrong time thing, or the pull of other things (ahem, homeschooling stuff and Jane the Virgin and now Stranger Things) is just too great? I’m not sure? Also, I’m finding the bookclub website is not terribly intuitive to use. Although, that might be because I keep missing the webinar walk-throughs. I’m still undecided as to whether or not I’ll continue with the online bookclub through winter’s picks, as its a paid membership.

What have you read lately? How do you pull yourself out of a reading slump?

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