Our simple and eclectic approach to homeschooling

I think I’ve finally landed in the right spot for our homeschool. Each different philosophy or routine or curriculum I’ve explored along the way has led me here. The joy of home education is that we truly get to design our children’s education, creating a lifestyle that suits all of us and allows us to thrive within our family culture.

From Charlotte Mason I’m taking the idea of children being persons, that education is an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life, and the importance of narration and habit training. I still love the idea of spreading an educational feast for my kids. Oh, and of course, living books and nature study. Much of what Charlotte Mason says about children and education still really resonates with me.

From Julie Bogart and Bravewriter I’ll add delight and fun into our routine (not schedule), have big juicy conversations, and keep in mind the developmental stages of writing. We’ll do language rich activities like read lots of books, watch movies, play games, go to museums, go on nature walks, and all the time we will talk about things.

From Jodi Mockabee I’m taking note-booking as a way of tracking and recording what we’re learning, of adding more art and creativity into our days. And I’ll create personalized block studies as a way to honor my kids’ interests.

And finally, from Durenda Wilson (author of The Unhurried Homeschooler) I’m taking that keeping things simple and focusing only on math and language arts is truly enough, the importance of teaching boys responsibility, worth ethic, and to take ownership. And also that I am merely the director and coordinator of my children’s education. It is God through the Holy Spirit who is the true teacher.

The curricula we use is merely a tool. Its so much less important than the relationships and habits we’re developing.

And so we are focusing on math and LA, with nature study thrown in and lots of time for play and interest-led block or unit when we feel like it.

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