Life Lately, in a nutshell

Our family has experienced some pretty drastic changes in the last few months while I’ve been absent from the blog. And by drastic I mean it felt that way to me, but in reality we’ve just been through a lot of normal changes that happened all at once.

First of all, my husband lost his job. It was both a surprise, but not entirely unexpected either.

During his time off we took our family on an extended road trip. We drove down the coast of California, into Mexico, and then back up through Utah. We were gone for almost the entire month of April, visiting family and lots of beautiful places along the way. It was a fun adventure, but that’s another blog post.

When we got back home we quickly re-evaluated our life according to John’s still-unemployed status, and decided it was time to move. So we did. We’ve spent much of the summer settling in and exploring. And that’s also worth its own post!

The coming autumn is filled with uncertainty. I’m planning to homeschool unless I need to go back to work, but we don’t know where we’ll be living or what sort of work John will do. Hes’ found a job that he really loves, but technically “under-employed” in his seasonal position. Still, we can’t help but feel a little bit of excitement at the possibilities that such a blank slate offers us.

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